Compassion part 2

The events happening in the world this week bring me back to Christian Compassion.  We saw the white supremacist movement descend on Charleston.  Groups like this look at anyone who is different from them as subhuman.  This is true of the white supremacists, radical Islamics, and those who blow up abortion clinics as a protest.  When we can see those who are different as subhuman, we can do anything we want to them.

Christian Compassion, on the other hand, looks at others as creations of God who we are called to love.  We see people who are different from us and are not automatically going to see them as subhuman.  In fact, we see them as God sees them…as His loved creation.  “For God so loved the world…”  We see people with a different color of skin as people to be loved.  We see people with a different religion or political orientation as people to be loved.  We see those who are suffering from the effects of poverty as people to loved.  We see each person as someone to love.

We even see the groups spewing hate as people to be loved.  Does that mean we condone the hate speech and actions?  Of course not!  Love does not accept hate as a proper attitude.  We are called to speak against hate and to act to prevent acts of hate as much as it is possible.  As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  We must stand and denounce hate.  We must even act to stop it.

Christian Compassion drives us to bring justice to the oppressed, truth to the lost and correction to the believer.  More than that, we accept people so that we can earn the right to tell them about Jesus.  I have been praying for the marchers in Charlotte that God would reveal the error of their beliefs and that He would draw them to Him.  I have also been praying that God would change the attitude of those who spew as much hate toward the white supremacists as the marchers are spewing.  Finally, I have been praying that God would keep the hate from becoming a part of me and that He would show me how to act to stand up for love, against the hate.

Will you join me in praying?  God answers when we pray.  I can’t wait to see what He is going to do!


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